What Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Patient Bed?

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22 Mayıs 2020
What is a Patient Bed?
22 Mayıs 2020
Hepsini Göster

Patient beds ensure that the patients who need to be seen in bed are more comfortable. It also allows escorts and health workers to deal with the patient more easily. What should be considered when choosing a sick bed?

Is it OK For Where Is It Used?

The first thing to consider when making a selection is where it will be used. This should be used in hospital, in intensive care, or at home. It should be selected in such a way that it will be compared with the measurements of the place to be placed and there will be enough space left and right of the bed.

Is It Manual Or Motorized?

Manual functions are used manually. It is adjusted with the help of the arms on the positions to be adjusted for the comfort of the patient. Functions can be set with the help of remote control in motorized patient carriages. It has more features than manual models. In electric bed casings, the number of motors and the power of the motor must be considered. Beds with motor power suitable for the weight of the patient should be preferred. Dual-motor patient beds will be inadequate in patients over 100 pounds. For this reason, those with two motors should be preferred. Motor cribs, which are priced higher than manual patient beds, have more features.

Are The Functions Of The Patient Bed Adequate?

Depending on the number of motors used in the electric patient beds, the functions can change. There are two types of manual ones, two single and double tuned. They are also available in pots and without pots. The issue that needs to be considered when making the selection here is the needs of the patient.

How Should The Bed Section Be?

The choice of bedding is of great importance when it is thought that the patient will be constantly on top of it. The bearings must be sufficiently rigid so as not to encounter the collapse problem. A bed should be preferred to be suitable for use functions.

Skeleton Constitution Is Durable?

Iron is used in the skeleton of patient beds. The thickness of the iron used in the crop and the weldability of the joints affect the durability of the bearings. For this reason, the structure of the skeleton should be considered when choosing the patient bed.

How Should The Wheel Structure Be?

One of the important issues in patient beds is the wheels. The wheels must be of good quality and durable. It should also not slip on the floor. At least two of the four wheels used in patient beds should have a lock mechanism. In addition, in the beds used for overweight patients, high wheels with high carrying capacity should be preferred.