What Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Patient Bed?
22 Mayıs 2020
Hepsini Göster

There are two types, upside down and upside down. It is the position where the patient lies on his back with a 15-30 degree inclination at the foot of the table, the head is down and the feet are up. This position is applied in some gynecological surgeries, pelvis and lower abdominal surgeries, and postural drainage. It is also used in the position where only the feet are raised when the patient’s head is in a straight position in the case of hyper tension.

This position has been used in the treatment of hemorrhagic shock until today, and later on, it is no longer preferred because it causes respiratory and circulatory system disorders as well as the recovery of the shock, instead only the legs are raised. Trendelenburg position is available on Erpomed hospital beds.

Reverse Trendelenburg position available in erpomed beds
The benefits of the Trendelenburg position are;
Thanks to this position, the risk of bleeding is reduced.
Visibility becomes easier in surgical operations.
Catheter entry into central veins is easy.
The trachea is protected from regurgitation.

Trendelenburg Position