What is a Patient Bed?
22 Mayıs 2020
What is CPR?
22 Mayıs 2020
Hepsini Göster

Often called hospital beds or patients ‘bedrooms, which are being produced for the purpose of improving patient comfort and ease of care for patients in intensive care units, are called patient beds or patients’ cribs. These products make it easier to intervene by the patient’s companions or health care providers. Patient cots in hospitals are usually motorized. There are side handrails to prevent the patient from falling down and being damaged. Thanks to these products, it is ensured that the lying patient can change position more easily. Patient beds can also be used in homes. In hospital use, 3 or 4 motorized patient cots are generally preferred. Patient cages that are in use at home are usually two-motor or dual-motor, which is a little more affordable. There are also patient cages running manually. These bearings are less costly than motorized models.

Patient cages are generally divided into two groups, electrical and manual. Manual products are divided into two groups with single or double adjustment. Electrical patient beds have an engine system that is controlled by a control aid. As the number of engines increases, the performance of the bed increases too. Electric patient cages are divided into six different groups: column motor, four motor, three motor, two motor, dual motor and single motor. There are also two different sick beds, one with a potty and one without a potty, depending on the need. Models with pottery have a gap in the middle section. In this way, the patient can also make toilet while on the bed. Quality is of the materials used to produce patient beds. Patient beds made from strong profiles with more resistant than others. Also the carrying capacity and quality of the wheels used for easy movement of the bed is also important. The quality of the paint on the bed and the good workmanship allows the product to be used for a longer period of time. Some patient beds are produced with iron profiles only, while others are coated with anti-bacterial plastic. Plastic (ABS) coatings provide a better image than iron coatings. The preference for plastic (ABS) coatings rather than iron for home use will be positive in terms of the psychology of the person lying in bed.