ERP 6410 – Emergency Crash Cart

ERP 6410 - Emergency Crash Cart

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• Full-length X-ray transparent bed platform
• X-ray inspection on stretcher surface with C-Arm machine
• Telescopic hydraulic columns
• Hydraulic height adjustment.
• Trendelenburg and inverse Trendelenburg functions
• Gas spring supported backrest adjustment
• Wheel control pedals placed on each wheel for easy access
• Telescopic Serum Hanger
• 5th wheel provides easy maneuverability during the use of rough surfaces and narrow corridors
• Anti-microbial, waterproof, flame retardant, air permeable mattress
• Foldable full length side rails with safety lock mechanism
• Tendelenburg / Reverse trendelenburg positions
• Easily cleanable, compact laminate two-compartment bed platform
• 4 serum hanger sockets and accessory sockets
• Drainage bag holders and accessory hooks
• Undercarriage compartment for folders and patients' items
• Excellent maneuverability at high speed without the risk of tipping over
• Oxygen cylinder holder integrated in the ABS coated subframe
• 4 corner control central locking mechanism
• Removable push rods
External dimensions 85 x 209 cm
Mattress platform 62 x 193 cm
Side rail height
36 cm above mattress
Side rails length 150 cm
Bed platform
height adjustment 55 - 89 cm
Backrest slope 0 ° - 85 °
Tilting TR / ATR 12 ° / 12 °
200 mm diameter wheels
Safe working load (SWL) 230 kg