How Should The Massage Table Comply With Standards Be?

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22 Mayıs 2020
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Back and arm massage is a type of massage that requires a certain posture. The equipment defined as a massage chair is a special massage equipment developed to maintain and fix this posture. While providing easy access to the muscles and joints of the person being massaged, this equipment also enables the person to be comfortably relaxed for a long time. Of course, it is not enough that the standards of this equipment meet the requirements of this application only in terms of stopping.

Since there is some pressure during back massage, it is also necessary that the structure can continue to serve safely. Therefore, massage chairs have a metal design. It is therefore of great importance that the connection points of the equipment, moving components and the overall structure are made entirely of solid material. In addition, since these chairs are adjustable for everyone, their moving components must also be qualified. Erpomed offers efficient and advanced products for massage chairs, together with its medical equipments, all of which are produced to high quality standards.

Massage Chair Selection

The massage chair is a product with general-accepted standards. In other words, all chairs are similar in terms of structure and visual. At this point, the risk factor is the quality standards in the invisible part of the product, that is, in the construction standards. This analysis is not easy to do. For example, it is very difficult to understand by seeing how strong the metal is and how strong the screws and moving parts are. At this point, choosing reliable brands should of course be a priority. Erpomed gives you this confidence with its position in the sector and its long years of experience, and our products have world-class qualifications.


Massage chair material is preferred as metal. Because, as we have stated, it is necessary to have a very strong structure to carry this burden. Of course, the thickness of the metals directly affects their durability. You can understand how strong the metal is by looking at the weight of the product you are going to buy. You can reach this result by comparing the products. Although light and portable products are preferred by some of us, a certain amount of weight is important in this product.

In addition to the skeleton, massage chairs have to have some features in terms of equipping the points where body components will come into contact. For example; There should be softening surfaces at the contact points of sitting, armrests, chest rests, knee rests and head restraints. Of course, these accessories should provide the comfort of the person who has the massage, as well as have the qualities that will ensure the product to be used for a long time. The quality and density of the sponge used and the quality of the coating material appear as one of the evaluation criteria at the point of choosing a massage chair.


The massage chair has almost the same design all over the world. This design is by the nature of the massage practice. However, since not all designs are made with scientific measures, some contract products may be unstable and uncomfortable. At this point, the best step to be taken by consumers who do not have experience on the subject is to choose qualified brands.

Erpomed products are 100% accurately scaled, balanced and qualified products, which are preferred by many professionals with these features. The equipment, in which the most precise measurements are used in all details, from personally adjustable features to general designs, are the most qualified solutions for professional needs.

High Standard Massage Chairs

Erpomed offers qualified and locally produced products. As a result of the product development studies made considering the needs of the sector, the most suitable product is developed and presented to the sector. In addition, in accordance with the company’s vision, high quality standards are adopted to best meet the needs of customers.

The biggest advantage of wool production products; The producer is able to communicate directly with the customer and receive feedback first hand. As a company, within the scope of our absolute customer satisfaction principle, we offer the most qualified solutions to our customers and strive to maintain and increase our position in the sector. As a result, the massage chair products you will buy from us are offered to you as solutions beyond your expectations.

Erpomed products throughout Turkey, medical stores, you can reach the internet stores or directly from manufacturers channels. Thanks to the products that you will reach in a short time by ordering as many massage chairs as you want, you can serve your customers at the highest standards in direct proportion to the quality we offer you, and you can perform your profession in the best conditions.